Night view with moon
Show-reel, your Resume’ in the world of Movies- especially Animation. What to do and what not.
For folks looking for any kind of employment, be it as an employee or associate, the primary requirement (unless you
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best graphic design
Graphic Designing as a career
There was once a time when film posters had to be hand-painted! Yes, you got it correct! They were hand-painted
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web designing structure
Web Designing
Would you like to open the morning newspaper and stare into an advertisement or article which is badly designed and
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animation in cartoon character
B Sc Animation; does it help develop a career in Animation and Multimedia?
From the start, animation courses in Pune have been in numbers. Even before the field of Animation and Multimedia came
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Career in photography
How to make a career in photography
“The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer” by Steven Pinker His name may not
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game designing
Types of careers in the Gaming Industry
  What do people do in a country of 130 crores of whom the majority are in the 25-35 year
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visual effects industry
VFX applications every Animator should know
Some more VFX applications every Animator should know about….and use where possible! Cinema 4D: So popular is this software that
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Digital Marketing
Digital marketing interview questions
Digital Marketing. Two words and a whole industry in their midst! A vast and ever-changing industry which attracts everyone from
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vfx creator
VFX Application every Animator ought to know about
An animation, be it within India or outside, irrespective of its ultimate us as a movie or just a serial
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online coach
Ways to become an online coach
If you thought a coach has to be present in person to teach you what he/ she know (for example
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